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I have no experience developing games, and I plan on changing that. This blog will be the record of my challenges as I work towards accomplishing my goal of building my first game.

I have been fascinated by games since I can remember, and not just the story or the gameplay, but how they are made. Expansive landscapes, intelligent AI, well told stories, etc, constantly peaked my curiosity. Because of this, I have always wanted to try and build my own game. Unfortunately, like most, I didn't know were to begin. Luckily I already had place in which I could start, even though I had completely overlooked it previously; web development.

A few years back I began work on a game which consisted of basic drawing mechanics on both desktop and mobile devices. After about a year of development I ran a very limited private beta. Around the same time, an iOS port of the flash game DrawSomething was released, taking the mobile gaming world by storm. After watching everyone become quickly addicted to (and then subsequently sick of) DrawSomething, I lost interest in continuing my work.

More recently I have started to experiment with HTML5 Canvas game development. And while what I have already accomplished is far more impressive than I previously expected myself to be able to build, it's still not enough to consider a playable game.

As I continue down this road of game development, whether it will be building games in HTML5 Canvas or some other unexplored technology, I will write about it here.

Wish me luck!